joi, 1 aprilie 2010

maybe you know this..

A boy and a girl were speeding at over 100mph on a deserted road on a motorcycle...

(girl) -Slow down, we're going too fast, I'm scared!

(boy) -Come on, don't worry, I know what I'm doing. You're having fun, right?

(girl) -No..please stop, I'm really scared!!!

(boy) -Then tell me you love me

(girl) -I LOVE YOU! Now please slow down

(boy) -Give me a hug

*Girl hugs him*

(boy) -Can you help me out here? take my helmet off and put it on you? it's bugging me

In the paper the next day... "A motorcycle has crashed into a building due to brake failure, 2 people found, but only 1 survived.."


Half way down the road, the guy realized that his brakes broke..but he didn't want the girl to know..instead, he had her say she loved him, felt her hug 1 last time..then had her wear his helmet so that she would live, even thow that mean he would die..

*true love*

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  1. Interesant, dar nu cred ca mergeau cu 100 m/h, poate km.

  2. @vreausapotsapotsavreau

    mph = miles per hour

  3. Acest comentariu a fost eliminat de autor.

  4. frumos...
    totuşi putea pur şi simplu să nu mai accelereze şi s-ar fi oprit :P

  5. superb...sacrificiu facut din dragoste...

  6. sad...emotionant...dragostea adevarata - oare cati o traim? o citim in carti, o vedem in fimele de calitate, dar oare noi suntem gata de sacrificii? daca te-a emotionat aceasta intamplare si totusi nu reusesti sa traiesti dragostea adevarata in viata ta, atunci degeaba ai citit-o...:)..thanks kid for sharing this with us...